August 14, 2014

Foster Program

By: The Humane Society of Greater Dayton

Thanks so much for your interest in the Humane Society of Greater Dayton’s foster program!  Fostering can be hard work, but it can be a lot of fun too!   We often receive animals who cannot be immediately adopted into permanent homes for various reasons; that is where you come in.  Typically these animals just need a little extra time before they can be placed in the adoption program.  Our foster parents generously open their home, providing one-on-one care and an environment that is more conducive to the animal’s needs. 

The duties of an animal foster parent are quite similar to those of being an actual parent.  These responsibilities may require anywhere from one to several hours a day of time and effort.  The work done socializing a foster pet will ultimately make the animal more adoptable.  Animals that have had positive human interaction will learn to trust people and those with social skills will start learning the ropes of adapting to life in a house with a family.  The happy, well-adjusted, adoptable pets that result from our foster parents’ hard work are proof of how important fostering can be in the adoption process!

Becoming a Foster Parent

Foster a Pet

Application Process

Provide a completed Foster Parent Application to the Foster Care Coordinator.  Active volunteers are welcome to pursue foster training at any time.  Junior volunteers interested in becoming a foster parent must have parent/guardian consent, and a parent/guardian must attend foster orientation.

Foster Screening

Foster parents are HSGD representatives when they are caring for our animals.  As such, it is important that each foster parent’s standards for animal care match our own.

Once a potential foster parent has turned in a completed application, the Foster Care Coordinator will arrange an interview.  The interview accomplishes two things.  First, it allows us to familiarize potential fosters with the policies, procedures, expectations, requirements and guidelines for foster care.  Second, the interview allows us to determine the suitability of individuals for foster care within our organization. 

When a foster parent has been accepted into and agrees to participate in the foster program, he/she will be asked to sign a foster agreement and enroll in appropriate foster training.

One Final Step

Once you have been approved and have completed the appropriate training, you are able to actively participate in our foster program. When the Humane Society of Greater Dayton receives animals in need of foster care, the foster coordinator will contact and offer you a foster opportunity. He/she will tell you who needs to be fostered, how long the foster may last and what special concerns need to be addressed. You will be asked to decide quickly whether to accept or refuse the foster assignment. 

If you decide to accept the foster animal(s) into your care, you should pick them up at the Humane Society of Greater Dayton as soon as possible. You will need to speak with the foster coordinator, who will give you specific information and directions for the care of the animal(s) going to your home. You will receive a copy of the foster card, when they received vaccinations and the date they are to return to the Humane Society. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to get started and to succeed as a foster.  

More Information

For more information on becoming a foster parent, contact Michele Perron, Foster Care Coordinator, at You may also reach her by phone at (937) 262-5937. 




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