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UnLEASH the Change: Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the Full-Service Animal Hospital replace my veterinarian?

No, we absolutely want people to have a close relationship with a private practice veterinarian. The Full-Service Animal Hospital will be designed to help individuals and families who are financially struggling and who have considered either giving up their family pets or putting them to sleep because they cannot afford traditional veterinary care for conditions that are treatable. In addition, it can be used for people who are simply trying to be a Good Samaritan by helping an injured companion animal that they found. The plan is to operate the hospital on a sliding pay scale so no matter your income level, you have options to care for a companion animal.

Will you be able to adopt animals from your current location as well as the new Adoption Center?

Once the Adoption Center is up and running, all adoptions will go through there or one of our other offsite adoption centers. The current location of the Humane Society of Greater Dayton will be where we house animals who are being prepared for adoption.

Will the High-Volume Spay/Neuter Clinic alter my personal pet?

One of our missions is to lower pet overpopulation in the Miami Valley in order to decrease the number of animals entering shelters. We currently, with our limited resources, are helping as many people as we can with spays and neuters. We do foresee continuing to help with spay/neuter procedures through the High-Volume Spay/Neuter Clinic.

What types of animals will be available at our Adoption Center?

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton is proud to be the only organization in the community that works with all types of animals. All adoptable animals that come in through our programs will ultimately be housed at our Adoption Center. This includes animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, birds, reptiles and many others. Exception could be things such as farm animals.

How can I help?

We can’t do the amazing work in the community without people like you! If you are interested in helping with the UnLEASH the Change campaign, visit and sign up by clicking the “Be Part of the Change” button. Your support means the world to us!

Will this create additional jobs for the Miami Valley?

Yes! With this expansion the Humane Society of Greater Dayton will grow our staffing to meet the needs of the community. In addition, we will be growing opportunities through our volunteer program.

What is the timeline for this project?

Currently, this is a three-year vision for expansion and growth.

Where will these facilities be located?

We are planning for three of the four projects including the High-Volume Spay/Neuter Clinic, Full-Service Animal Hospital and Cruelty/Neglect Structure, to be housed at our current Humane Society of Greater Dayton campus. The fourth project, the Adoption Center, will be held at another location.

How much will this expansion cost?

Right now, we want to get the community involved to be part of this change. We have undergone months of strategic planning and we met with many donors and groups about the expansion. As we move forward in this process we will release a detailed plan and discuss how we can all work together to transform Dayton and UnLEASH the Change. Please continually visit for more information.

What impact will the High-Volume Spay/Neuter Clinic have on the community?

Currently, the Humane Society of Greater Dayton spays or neuters an average of 4,000 animals each year. With more than an estimated 50,000 free-roaming cats in just Montgomery County, the 4,000 we spay/neuter is just a drop in the bucket. By creating this facility, we can expand our Trap-Neuter-Return program and really tackle cat overpopulation in a humane and effective manner. This initiative will drastically reduce the number of free-roaming cats in our communities and it will lower the cat nuisance calls received by city officials.