My name is Bellamy and I'm a senior cat who's seen a lot in my days. I used to live in a home with lots and lots of other cats until our person became overwhelmed and couldn't continue to care for us. I'm used to being a pretty strong independent lady. Living with that many cats has taught me how to be a leader and how to look out for myself. Right now I'm in Open Cat Room (where cats roam freely together) and I get along great with the other cats. The only cat that's still here from my previous home is Al. Al can be on the timid side and kind of follows my lead and I think he'd like to be adopted with me. I get along great with other cats and feel most comfortable when I have cat friends to be around. But also... if one of the cats gets out of line I'll remind them where that line is... like all good leaders do. The main reason I'm still here is that I'm not used to being handled and touched by people. People don't scare me but I didn't get handled in my home and it's new and strange to me. There's a special volunteer here who spends a lot of time with me and knows how to not push me too much too soon. And sometimes I let her gently pet my back and under my chin. I actually enjoy chin scratches but hate to admit it. I need an adopter who can be very understanding and patient with me. I may never be a snuggly social butterfly of a cat but I think with time I'll build trust in my forever person. My caregivers here tell me that they love my strong opinionated personality and that I make them laugh. They also like how caring I can be with other cats. Even though I'm not a socialite I'm a senior lady who still really wants a safe place to call home. Are you the special someone I've been looking for?