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Barn Cat Program


Got Mice? We Can Help! 

We have healthy semi-feral & feral barn cats in need of new outdoor homes!

Can you provide a new, permanent home to one or more homeless cats? Barn/outdoor homes are needed! Help put an end to a cat’s homelessness by opening your heart and barn.

These types of cats may not fit well into a home environment, but they make ideal residents for farms, stables, barns and other suitable locations with outdoor shelter available. 

All cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ear-tipped prior to being placed into a new location. Your responsibilites include providing daily food and water, shelter from weather and long-term veterinary care. 

The staff and volunteers at the Humane Society of Greater Dayton will provide guidance to make the brief transition from our shelter to your location a success. 

If you would like a barn cat for your location, please e-mail Mackenzie Phillips at

What is a Barn Cat?

A barn cat is a feline who lives in a barn-type structure. The cats have a caretaker who provides food, water and shelter, via a barn. The cats may be either socialized and friendly or unsocialized.

What Are Your Responsibilites? 

If you accept a barn cat, you would be responsible for providing them with daily food and water, shelter from weather and long-term veterinary care.

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