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Feb 28

Keep Your Pets Safe in Subzero Temperatures

dogincoldAs we reach subzero temperatures in the Miami Valley it is important to keep your pets safe in the cold. Remember, if it is too cold for you to be outside then it is too cold for your pets. The Humane Society of Greater Dayton recommends all animals should remain indoors as much as possible during the colder months to protect them from the harsh and bitterly cold elements. If your animals must stay outdoors, then they need to have proper shelter, food and fresh water to protect them from the cold.

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Feb 15

Keep Your Pets at a Safe Weight

fatcatThis Tuesday is Fat Tuesday. So, what better time is there to talk about your pet’s weight? Sadly, obesity is becoming a more common problem among animals in America. As your pet’s weight increases, their risk for health problems such as joint pain, diabetes and liver issues also grows. To help battle your pet’s bulge, here are a few tips to keep them healthy and happy. Before you adjust any dietary changes with your pet, make sure to first consult your veterinarian to ensure your pet continues to get the nutrition they need.  

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Jan 17

Warning Signs Your Cat May Be Sick

CatWithVetMany cats don’t want to burden their owners if they are not feeling well. They will hide injuries or sicknesses until it may be too far along for you to do anything about them. However, no one knows your pets better than you and no one will pick up on unusual behaviors or physical appearances quicker than you.

By being aware of your cat’s day-to-day behaviors and activities you will be able to determine if anything is out of the ordinary. Here are just a few things you may want to consider to be warning signs that something more may be going on with your cat then they are initially leading on.

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Dec 13

Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

Rabbit-HumphreyWhen you think of adopting a pet a cat or dog may be first to come
to mind. However, there are several other animals that also make wonderful pets including guinea pigs, birds, hamsters and rabbits.
At the Humane Society of Greater Dayton, we have several rabbits
all looking for forever homes. Rabbits are calm and loving pets that do well in small and large environments. Here are just a few
reasons why you may want to consider a rabbit the next time
you want to adopt.

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Dec 6

Make Your Cat Adoption a Success


Be Prepared

If you know you want to adopt a cat, make sure you have all the supplies needed for your cat to feel at home before you adopt. This will include basics such as a cat carrier, litter box, litter, food and water bowls, cat food, toys, etc. If you already have a cat and are bringing another one into your home, make sure to have separate items for the new pet. Cats can become very territorial about their belongings and you could cause unneeded competition or fighting between your pets if you try to force them to share immediately.

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