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Dayton Alliance for Companion Animals

The Dayton Alliance for Companion Animals (DACA) is a coalition of animal-welfare agencies in the Dayton region that seeks to end the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy and friendly pets. DACA is part of a national movement to dramatically reduce the euthanasia of healthy animals.

In 2009, alliance partners reported 7,136 euthanized pets, of the 15,559 pets taken in throughout their geographic regions. This is a euthanasia rate of nearly 50 percent.

The movement to reduce unnecessary euthanasia has shown dramatic results in some metropolitan areas, such as New York; Philadelphia; Portland, Oregon; and San Francisco. DACA is currently using operating funds to move the initiative forward; the group intends, however, to seek a multiyear grant from Maddie’s Fund, to accelerate and dramatically expand its efforts in Southwest Ohio.

Current DACA partners include Greater Dayton Labrador Retriever Rescue, the Humane Society of Greater Dayton, Luv4k9s, the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, Second Chance Rescue and SICSA.



To end the unnecessary euthanasia of all healthy and friendly pets in the Dayton area by the year 2020


The Dayton Alliance for Companion Animals provides a shared voice for a more humane community for animals, through community education, spay/neuter initiatives and adoption.

Core Beliefs

Member organizations and individual members of the Dayton Alliance for Companion Animals hold the following core beliefs, concerning the care of healthy and friendly pets:

  • We recognize that all stakeholders have a passion and dedication for the mutual goal of saving animals’ lives.
  • The stakeholders acknowledge that currently euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals is a necessary requirement. Furthermore, we believe that euthanasia and overpopulation are
    community-wide problems shared by all organizations and will require community-based answers.
  • The stakeholders of this alliance agree to foster mutual respect for one another. We further agree that when discussing differences in policy and opinion, we shall refrain from denigrating or speaking ill of one another, and will encourage other organizations and individuals to do the same.
  • In order to achieve harmony and forward progress, we believe that it is critical that all animal organizations present a unified front, when approaching widespread community issues.
  • We believe in the importance of transparency and the open sharing of accurate, complete animal-sheltering data and statistics, in a manner that is clear to both the animal-welfare community and the public.
  • We believe that it is essential to utilize a uniform method for collecting and reporting shelter data, in order to assess the euthanasia rate of healthy and treatable animals. This methodology must include the collection and analysis of animal-sheltering data set forth in the “Animal Statistics Table.” The statistics should be collected for each organization, as well as county wide, and should be shared with the community on a periodic basis.
  • We have developed several standard “definitions,” to enable uniform and accurate collection, analysis and reporting of animal-sheltering data and statistics.
  • We further recognize that many organizations provide services to companion animals other than dogs and cats. For the purposes of this alliance, we will be focusing solely on dogs and cats.
  • We are committed to continuing dialogue, analysis and potential modification of this vision, as needs change and as progress is made toward achieving our mission.
  • We recognize that to solve the community-wide problems we are currently facing, a significant effort must be made to expand spay/neuter efforts and education throughout the community.

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