Help Us Give Koda a Second Chance

An Emergency Situation

Unconscious. Lifeless. Only sporadically waking up to cough up blood. That is how we first met Koda.


The Dayton Police Department recently contacted our Humane Agents after they responded to a domestic case. When police arrived to the scene, they discovered Koda lifeless on the ground. Koda reportedly got into a fight with another dog. A family member of the residence came home and learned of the fight, he allegedly beat Koda with a shovel to punish her.

Getting the Care She Needs

When our Humane Agents arrived to the scene Koda was unconscious. She was bleeding and had lacerations all over her head and body from the shovel. We picked her up carefully and transported her to the closest emergency clinic where she was stabilized. She stayed there over night to ensure she was safe before we could bring her back to our rehabilitation center to continue to heal.


When we picked up Koda the next day, she was understandably still in a lot of pain. She was given lots of pain medication to help alleviate her suffering. At first, we weren’t sure if Koda was going to survive her injuries, but our team was prepared to give her everything she needed to heal.

How You Can Help

As a no-kill animal welfare agency, we want to do everything we can to help ensure all animals are valued and free from suffering. As of today, our organization has spent $1,873 in medical expenses for Koda, but those are expected to continue and rise. Over the past two weeks our team has been giving her the medical attention, nourishing food, comfortable housing and unconditional love she needs to fully recover.  We do this because we believe in second chances and we want to see this amazing girl fully heal so we can find her the loving home she deserves.


If you would like to help us give Koda the second chance she deserves, please consider donating to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton’s Rescue Fund by filling out the form below. Your support will help us cover the cost of Koda’s care and provide her with the resources she needs to find a new forever family. Together, we will celebrate the day when this amazing dog has a full recovery and finds a safe and loving family to call her own! 

Support Koda's Care

Give Her the Second Chance She Deserves

Help us cover the medical care and expenses of Koda the dog by donating to our Rescue Fund.