Riggs' surgery takes place on June 22, 2022

Riggs is only 8-months-old, but has already been through so much.

Miles Riggs must travel roundtrip to go to her specialist for care

The estimated cost for this specialized surgery

Helping to Give Riggs a Long and Pain-Free Life

Providing Care Since Birth

Riggs came to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton as an owner surrender. The owners had an accidental pregnancy and could not care for the adult male and female rabbit they had in addition to the three new baby bunnies. Riggs, was one of the three babies that were surrendered to us. We helped the owners spay and neuter their adult rabbits and the three babies were placed into a specialized foster home. With the babies being so young, they needed plenty of attention and care as they grew healthy within their foster home. Nearly three months after first arriving to the shelter, Riggs and her two siblings were spayed or neutered and placed up for adoption. Luckily, all three of the siblings found loving, forever homes, but this wasn’t the final story for Riggs.

Medical Issues for New Owners

Less than a week after Riggs was adopted, her new owners contacted us with some concerns. Riggs was playing and jumping around in the home, something that she loved to do, and her hip randomly came out of the socket. They took Riggs to their veterinarian and the vet was able to put her hip back into socket. However, not long after that it happened again. Once the hip pops out of socket more than once, it is considered an ongoing issue. With an estimated care in upwards of $5,000 to fix this issue, the new owners were unable to commit to Rigg’s care and ended up surrendering her back to the shelter.

Healing Riggs

At just 8-months-old, Riggs now has a hip that pops in and out of socket quite frequently. Understandably so, this can be a very painful situation for Riggs. We had a specialist examine her and it was determined that she needs an FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) surgery. With this surgery, the head and neck of the femur will be removed which will cause the hip to no longer slip in and out of socket. This will also help remove the pain associated with this.

Assembling the Right Team

Although this surgery is common in the veterinary world, it is not that common within rabbits. To have this procedure done, we are working with MedVet’s team in their Hillard office. Not only is this considered a specialized orthopedic surgery, but since it is a rabbit, it must be done by a veterinarian who specializes in exotic animals. MedVet’s entire team is prepping for this surgery and all staff will be on hand to ensure it is a success for Riggs.  Her surgery is slated to take place on Wednesday, June 22nd.

How You Can Help Riggs

As a limited-intake facility, we want to ensure all of our animals get the second chance they deserve to live a happy and healthy life. This surgery is going to cost an upwards of $5,000 to perform because it is so specialized, but it is worth it to make sure that Riggs can live a long and healthy life. If you would like to help contribute to Riggs’ care, please donate below. Before her injuries, Riggs loved nothing more than running around, playing and zooming around the room. Since she has been injured she hasn’t been able to do that. With your help, we will get her back to the playful and joyful bunny we know she can be!

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