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Brian's Blog August 1 2017 Beat the Heat: Keep Pets Safe Brian's Blog Having your pets join you for summer activities can be fun and healthy for both of you. However, it is important to understand how your pet reacts to heat and know what precautions you should take to... Read more
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Animal Stories


This is Toasty, you called her Millie, that we adopted from you a year ago. My husband and I are very grateful that we got to take Millie. she goes with us everywhere; to get gas, bank, to get Grain , working on the farm, she does everything with us. She has a tremendous amount of energy . even with all the farm work we needed something extra for her to do because she was so intelligent, so she's also now an agility dog. I never did agility before and never cared if she won a thing, I just wanted to have fun with her but she has surprised everyone. This past weekend she won first place on Saturday and first place on Sunday at her first-ever agility trial. This super intelligent loving little dog has truly been a great gift thank you Humane Society for our baby!

- John and Lori Woodruff

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