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Foster Program

Help Them Fit In.

We get animals who cannot be immediately adopted into permanent homes. These animals need human connections in a home environment before they can be placed in the adoption program. You help by generously opening your home and providing the environment and care that the animal needs.

Your stable home and work socializing a foster pet will ultimately make the animal more adoptable. You teach the animal trust and social skills needed for adapting to life in a house with a family.

How You Do It.

Application Process

It’s simple. Complete a Foster Parent Application, and give it to the Foster Care Coordinator. Volunteers are welcome to pursue foster training at any time. Junior volunteers must have parent/guardian consent, and a parent/guardian must attend foster orientation.

Foster Parent Application

Foster Screening

Foster parents are our representatives. We need to make sure that each foster parent’s standards for animal care match our own. In essence, we need to determine whether people are suitable for the program. Then we need to make sure foster parents clearly understand the policies, procedures, expectations, requirements, and guidelines for foster care. When a foster parent has been accepted, he or she will sign a foster agreement and enroll in foster training.

One Final Step

The foster coordinator will contact and offer you a foster opportunity. You’ll find out who needs to be fostered, for how long, and what special concerns need to be addressed.

If you accept, you’ll get the animal from us as soon as possible. You’ll receive specific information and directions for the care of the animal from the foster coordinator. You will receive a copy of the foster card, when they received vaccinations, and the date they are to return to the Humane Society.

And don’t worry, we’ll continue to help you succeed as a foster parent.

More Information

For more information on becoming a foster parent, contact Michele Perron, Foster Care Coordinator, at Reach her by phone at (937) 262-5937.

Foster Parent Application

More Services

Be a hero,
donate today.

Group 274
$25 Donation

Helps with food and other vital supplies for homeless pets

Group 275
$50 Donation

Can provide medical care for a sick and injured animal

Group 276
$75 Donation

Can support rescuing
at-risk pets

Group 277
$100 Donation

Can provide spay/neuter surgeries to control the pet population

Other ways you can donate

Your Generosity
Saves Lives

Change the life of a helpless animal.

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