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Living with Wildlife

Living with Wildlife - Squirrel

Whether you live in downtown Dayton or in one of the many small towns in Montgomery County, you can bet that there is wildlife close by. It is not uncommon for the occasional raccoon, deer, squirrel, skunk or coyote to wander onto residential property. To help you successfully coexist with our local wildlife, we recommend the following steps: 

Prevent Problems. 

The best way to deter wildlife and prevent problems is to remove food, trash and standing water from the exterior of your home. Animal deterrents like bird-feeder baffles and locking lids for trash cans direct wildlife to other areas. Be sure to keep pet food indoors, away from curious and hungry wildlife. 

We also recommend securing the places around your home in which animals can find shelter. Crawl spaces, attics, unsecured chimneys, and porches or decks are inviting places for animals to nest and raise their young. Take a good look at your home and property, to identify possible shelter areas for wildlife. 

You can also use repellents or frightening devices, which are widely available at home and garden centers. 

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton does not recommend handling, removing or disposing of wildlife on your own. Wildlife may be dangerous or diseased. Please enlist professional assistance, if you need an animal removed or relocated from your property. 

Call a Professional. 

To remove an animal from your property, contact one of the resources listed below. These groups can either remove the animal for you (sometimes for a fee) or direct you to additional agencies or businesses specializing in wildlife management. 


What Should I Do About…?

Information on this page adapted from University of Illinois Extension, September 23, 2010,

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