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Animal ID Sex Age
53832845 Male 2 yr(s) and 5 mo(s)
Species Spayed/Neutered Size
Dog Medium
Color Declawed Breed
Brown and Tan No Australian Cattle Dog/Mix

Meet Ken, the spirited adventurer with a heart as big as his boundless energy! This handsome pup, discovered as a stray, is now on the lookout for an experienced owner who can match his intelligence and zest for life. Ken's brainpower is truly impressive, and he's ready to soak up all the knowledge you can throw his way. From basic commands to more advanced tricks, he's a quick learner who's eager to impress.

Ken's ideal forever home would be one where his owner is well-versed in the ways of cattle dogs or is ready to dive into some research on how to keep this clever canine entertained. With a preference for being the center of attention, Ken might thrive best as the only pet, and he's likely to enjoy the company of older, dog-savvy companions. A spacious yard is a must for this active fellow, who dreams of endless games of fetch and joyful explorations.

While Ken has a sweet and calm side that adores belly rubs, he's no stranger to bursts of playful energy that need an outlet. If you're ready for a dynamic companion who can switch seamlessly between cuddle mode and playtime, Ken might just be the perfect match for you! Interested in bringing this delightful doggo into your life? Fill out an adoption application on our website or stop by the shelter to meet Ken in person. Your new best friend is waiting to make a world of memories with you!

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