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Animal ID Sex Age
30432381 Male 4 yr(s) and 6 mo(s)
Species Spayed/Neutered Size
Other Animal Medium
Color Declawed Breed
Stone No Dwarf/American

Thumper is an adorable little guy that came to our shelter along with many other bunnies after their owner passed away. He's neutered and is quite a tidy fellow with his litter box habits. He's currently in foster care and his foster tells us he's very social, likes to cuddle and really enjoys the times he gets to run and play. His diet consists of timothy hay, pellets and fresh greens daily. His favorite treat? A slice of banana will excite him enough to do a happy dance. Would you like to meet Thumper and see if he's the bunny for you or your family? Please submit a small animal adoption application and let us schedule a time for you to meet him at our shelter. We're certain he'll steal your heart.