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Safe Haven Program

The Safe Haven program was created in collaboration with Artemis Center, to provide temporary shelter for pets in domestic-violence situations. At a moment’s notice, the Humane Society of Greater Dayton will board animals in a safe and secure location – usually for a period of 30 days – for families fleeing violent conditions. The Safe Haven program protects pets from abusers and provides peace of mind for families seeking their own shelter and safety. 

Safe Haven

According to the ASPCA, abusers batter animals to:

  • Demonstrate power and control over
    the family
  • Isolate the victim and children
  • Enforce submission
  • Perpetuate an environment of fear
  • Prevent the victim from leaving or coerce him/her to return
  • Punish the victim for leaving or showing independence 

For more information on the Safe Haven program, contact our Cruelty/Neglect department at 937/262-8091.

Additional Resources on Pet & Domestic Abuse 

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