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Every year the Humane Society of Greater Dayton organizes and posts its animal statistics, using the terminology and format of the Asilomar Accords, developed by a group dedicated to ending euthanasia in healthy and treatable companion animals in the United States.

The collection and publication of this data is sponsored by Maddie’s Fund, The form shows intake, adoption and euthanasia data for dogs and cats.

If you have any questions about our shelter’s statistics, please contact us at 937/268-PETS (7387).

About Maddie’s Fund

Maddies Fund Logo

The Maddie’s Fund mission is to revolutionize the status and well-being of companion animals.

Maddie’s Fund, the Pet Rescue Foundation, is a family foundation established in 1999 to help fund the creation of a no-kill nation. Since its inception, Maddie’s Fund has awarded animal welfare organizations and universities $96.2 million to save dog and cat lives.

PeopleSoft and Workday Founder, Dave Duffield, and his wife, Cheryl, created Maddie’s Fund in 1999. The foundation makes good on a promise the Dufflields made to their beloved Miniature Schnauzer, Maddie, to give back in dollars that which Maddie gave to them in companionship and love. Maddie passed away in 1997, but thanks to this one little dog, abandoned shelter animals have new opportunities to find loving homes in which they, too, may share in the joy and love that Dave and Cheryl enjoyed with Maddie.

Maddie’s Fund aims to create a no-kill nation where all healthy and treatable shelter dogs and cats are guaranteed a loving home. To achieve this goal, Maddie’s Fund is investing its resources in:

  • community collaborations where animal welfare organizations come together to develop successful models of lifesaving
  • veterinary colleges to help shelter medicine become part of the veterinary curriculum and train veterinarians to save the lives of sick and injured dogs and cats in animal shelters
  • the implementation of national strategies to collect and report shelter statistics

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