Make an Impact by Joining our Foster Roster!

We need you! The Foster Roster at the Humane Society of Greater Dayton provides loving care and temporary housing for animals not yet ready to enter into the adoption program. Fostering provides an invaluable service and helps save lives! We need you to help us provide a little time, compassion, and maybe even a piece of your heart to these small babies until they are ready to find their forever homes. Can you help?

Help Them Fit In

We get animals who cannot be immediately adopted into permanent homes. These animals need human connections in a home environment before they can be placed in the adoption program. You help by generously opening your home and providing the environment and care that the animal needs.

Your stable home and work socializing a foster pet will ultimately make the animal more adoptable. You teach the animal trust and social skills needed for adapting to life in a house with a family.

How to Join

Getting started is simple! Fill out our online foster adoption application, and our Foster Coordinator will be in touch. We will provide you with the training you need to feel comfortable as a foster and will work with your schedule and needs to make sure that your fostering experience is as impactful to you as it is for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs Fostering?

We take many animals into our Foster Program. However, mainly we have:

  • Young puppies and kittens under two months of age.
  • Mothers and their young.
  • Motherless animals requiring bottle-feeding (we provide training for this).
  • Animals with injuries and/or medical conditions that need rehabilitation.
  • Quarantine for young animals.
  • Special needs.

How Long Do I Have to Foster For?

Most foster animals are in their foster homes from two weeks to two months (depending on age). We are flexible to suit your lifestyle and fit your needs. You can foster once a year, once every season, or as often as you like. It is up to you how frequently you choose to foster animals for us.

Do I Have to Provide Supplies?

No. The Humane Society of Greater Dayton will provide you with food, toys, bedding, crates, etc. We will also handle all medical care (medication, vaccines, spay/neuter surgery). In addition, our Foster Coordinator is on-call, so if you do have an emergency after hours, we can still assist you in every way we can.

I Am Allergic to Cats, Can I Foster Just Dogs?

Yes. We totally understand that there may be limitations to what types of animals you can bring into your home. We have many fosters who choose just to foster cats or dogs, while others love to foster rabbits or other types of animals. Again, we work with you to make sure we find the animal that fits your needs and comfort level.

Can I Foster if I Have Pets of My Own?

Absolutely! Most of our fosters actually have their own pets. We will walk you through how this process works when you begin fostering with us.