Devoted to Caring for Animals

Since 1902, the Humane Society of Greater Dayton has been devoted to caring for the animals in the Miami Valley. We provide a number of programs and services to the community to ensure all animals are valued and free from suffering. These programs include:

  • The Golden Ears Senior Assistance Program
  • Cruelty and Neglect Investigations and Rescues.
  • Community Cat Initiative.
  • Community Outreach.
  • Lost and Found Services.
  • Surrendering an Animal.

Programs and Services

The Golden Ears

The Golden Ears is a partnership between the Humane Society of Greater Dayton and the Senior Resource Connection’s Meals on Wheels program. Through this program, we ensure local seniors receiving Meals on Wheels can get the resources they need to keep their pets happy and healthy!

Cruelty/Neglect Investigations and Rescues

We investigate all signs of cruelty, neglect, and abuse to all types of animals.

Community Cat Initiative

This initiative offers a catch-and-release spay/neuter program and a working cat program designed to reduce the number of outdoor cats humanely, effectively and ethically.

Community Outreach

We offer pet therapy, presentations, tours, and birthday parties.

Surrendering an Animal

Parting with a beloved pet is tough. As a limited-intake facility, we can only take in as many animals as we have space for.

Lost and Found

Call us right away if you lose your pet. We make every attempt to reunite pets with their families.

Our Programs

Our Impact

We are more than a hub for animal adoption. We offer programs, resources, and services for all animals in the Greater Dayton community.


A Community Where All Animals Are Valued

"The Humane Society of Greater Dayton amazes me on many levels. Just a few points include: the staff and volunteers are fabulous, the level of compassion and care is evident, safety measures are enforced and respected, and the animals are shown a level of respect that they deserve. The proof that it all works is that the majority of animals that come into the shelter go back out into loving families."

Jean B.