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Brian's Blog March 1 2018 No More Excuses: 7 Reasons to Foster a Pet Brian's Blog Most shelters are overflowing with amazing adoptable pets and fostering an animal is a crucial part of our animal welfare organizations. At any given time, our organization can have hundreds of... Read more
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This is Toasty, you called her Millie, that we adopted from you a year ago. My husband and I are very grateful that we got to take Millie. she goes with us everywhere; to get gas, bank, to get Grain , working on the farm, she does everything with us. She has a tremendous amount of energy . even with all the farm work we needed something extra for her to do because she was so intelligent, so she's also now an agility dog. I never did agility before and never cared if she won a thing, I just wanted to have fun with her but she has surprised everyone. This past weekend she won first place on Saturday and first place on Sunday at her first-ever agility trial. This super intelligent loving little dog has truly been a great gift thank you Humane Society for our baby!

- John and Lori Woodruff

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