April 24, 2024


By: JJ

A good Samaritan came to our shelter to report a dog they saw wandering the streets close to our facility. Our staff went out to find him and discovered Bruce. Covered in blood and cuts, Bruce was found by our staff eating the scraps of a sandwich from a sandwich bag along the side of the road. But when he saw us there to help, a flicker of hope ignited within him.

Immediately our team rushed him to our veterinary staff where his injuries were determined to be those from a previous attack. Our team cleaned him and began caring for his wounds. Bruce’s transformation had begun.

Day-by-day, his wounds healed, but it was the healing of his spirit that truly marked his journey. Through gentle interactions and nurturing, he learned to trust again. After months in our care, a family, who had already adopted from us two years before, came in to meet him. Immediately, they fell in love with him and Bruce began giving them his signature sloppy kisses. Now, Bruce is happy and healthy and spends his days in the yard playing with the children and his new dog best friend. Thanks to your support, Bruce got the second chance he deserves!

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