September 20, 2022


By: JJ

Meet Oswald. This adorable little guy came to us scared and alone. A Good Samaritan found him abandoned on the side of the road near Yellow Springs. Unlike wild rabbits, domesticated rabbits cannot survive in the wild on their own very easily. Luckily, with some patience and a little skill, the Good Samaritan was able to catch Oswald and bring him to us.

Once in our care, we immediately had our veterinary team examine Oswald to ensure he didn’t have any major health issues or concerns. He received a clean bill of health from our team and was then neutered and given preventative care treatments so that he could be placed up for adoption. Just a little more than one month after he first arrived, Oswald was adopted. This little rabbit, who came to us scared and alone, left us happy, healthy and feeling the love of a new family thanks to your support.

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