March 15, 2019

Three Puppies – One Lifesaving Story

By: The Humane Society of Greater Dayton

Cold. Three days old. Abandoned without their mother. Eyes closed. Helpless and hungry. This is the story of three puppies. It was a bitterly cold day in January. The temperature was in the single digits. Our staff had just started their day caring for the animals in our shelter. They were cleaning the cages, changing the bedding and giving each animal nourishing food and lots of cuddles. It seemed like a normal day. That was until someone discovered an unmarked cardboard box in our parking lot. Inside, trying everything they could to stay warm, were three 3-day-old puppies. They were so tiny. Their eyes were still closed. You could hear the faintest of whimpers from them as they instinctively curled up on top of one another trying to share their body heat to survive.

Our staff quickly sprang into action and brought the puppies inside. They placed them on heating discs to bring their body temperatures back up and gave them formula to fill their bellies. One of the three puppies appeared to have something wrong with him. His skin felt bumpy to the touch – like pockets of air were underneath. Upon further investigation by our veterinarian, it was determined that he had subcutaneous emphysema. We are unsure how he managed to get this, but it caused pockets of air to form in the fatty space between his skin and muscles.

Once we stabilized all three of the puppies, we placed them into a foster home where they could receive round-the-clock care. The foster family named the three siblings Simon Howl, Ellen Dog-generes and Howllison Janney after animal-loving celebrities Simon Cowell, Ellen Degeneres and Dayton-native Allison Janney.


Every three hours, our devoted foster family bottle fed these puppies. Whether it was 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. they were dedicated to their care and gave them the love and attention they needed. We continued to monitor the one puppy. Once he was regularly getting the care and food he needed the subcutaneous emphysema cleared up. The pockets of air vanished from under his skin and he, like his two sisters, continued to grow stronger and healthier. 

For two months, our foster family cared for these adorable puppies. We all watched them thrive. They started as scared, shivering puppies discarded by their owner. We helped them through milestones such as opening their eyes, learning to eat from a bottle, walking, running, eating solid food and so much more. We celebrated as they became rambunctious, playful puppies who loved to run and romp and chase their tails or chew on their toys.



These 3-day-old puppies could have easily frozen to death without our help. They were so weak and fragile, but thanks to your support, these puppies got a second chance. Now, all three have been spayed or neutered. All are healthy puppies full of life and joy. Simon Howl, the weakest and sickest of the of three has made a full recovery and has already found a wonderful loving forever home along with Howllison Janney. Ellen Dog-generes will soon find her homes as well. Thanks to you this potentially tragic story has a happy ending.

Every day animals come into our shelter. Their stories are all different. Their levels of need and care vary, but one fact remains consistent with each animal – they need us. They need us to care for them. They need us to feed them. They need us to protect them. They need us to love them. They need us – and that is why we need YOU. Please consider helping these voiceless animals. Put hope back into their eyes and give generously today. Your support gives these animals the resources they need to not just survive, but to thrive. With your support today, you are helping the next sick, injured or homeless animal find the happy family they deserve. Today, with your support, you are saving lives.


Please Give Generously, Today to Save More Animals Like These Puppies

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