November 1, 2022

Senior Pet Adoptions Offer Many Perks

By: The Humane Society of Greater Dayton

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, which reminds us just how rewarding it is to give these mature pets the love they deserve.

Our collective hearts melt when we see a baby bunny, puppy or kitten, and rightfully so! They are tiny, little furballs of cuteness! However, they are babies and that means they require a lot of attention. Have you ever craved the companionship of a furry friend but were concerned about the amount of time, energy and consistent training younger animals need? What if you didn’t have to worry about your furniture getting chewed on or scratched up! There are many reasons older pets make great companions. Here are just a few:

Less demanding – Senior pets require less attention than their younger counterparts. Whether it’s potty training, attacking your shoes or furniture, or just expending lots and lots of energy, younger pets require a lot more attention and training when compared to the relaxing lifestyle of a senior pet.

Easier to train – Not only are older pets already more likely to be pros at basic commands and potty etiquette, their easy-going nature makes them easier to train. Learning new tricks is a breeze when working with a mature adult pet.

Family friendly – Being calm, cool and collected has many benefits! The low-key nature of many senior pets make them great for families with children, who know how to interact gently with pets. Often, older pets have had experience with family life, which makes the adjustment period in a new home much easier than when bringing in puppies or kittens.

What you see is what you get – Adopting a senior pet takes out some of the guesswork. With puppies or kittens, it can be difficult to tell what they’re going to be like as they age. However, with a senior pet you’re sure to know their size, personality and energy level.

Young at heart – Too mature to climb your curtains, but never too old to climb into your lap! Senior pets might not have the energy to misbehave but they can certainly still enjoy a (more relaxed) extracurricular activity. Whether it’s an easy fetch session or a casual feather attack, these oldies-but-goodies can still have a good time in between naps.

Loyal – If life experience has taught them anything, it’s to appreciate a good home when they see it! Chances are, by adopting a senior pet, you’ve rescued a wonderful and loving companion. These sweet seniors have a sixth sense and seem extra grateful when they’ve found a forever home to rest their weary heads.

Senior pets have plenty of healthy and happy years to give. Plus, with age, truly does come wisdom! This November, save a life and help spread awareness about how great senior pets can be.

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