November 6, 2023


By: JJ

Tied to a pipe in an alley in downtown Dayton. Scared and squealing in pain. That is how police found a poor, defenseless pig that was abandoned. Police immediately contacted our humane society agents to assist with the pig.

As our team arrived, we were shocked to see that the pig – in a frenzy to free himself – wrapped himself so tightly around the pipe that the rope he as attached to had become embedded into his neck and around his stomach. He was in so much pain. Our team worked quickly to free him from the pipe and took him to our Dayton Humane Rehabilitation Center. There, our veterinary team could properly examine his injuries and provide him with the treatment and medical care he needed.

Once in our care, the pig calmed down knowing he was finally safe. He warmed up quickly to our staff, who lovingly named him Wilbur. As Wilbur healed, we found that he was so social and loved eating watermelon right from our hands. When he wasn’t getting continuous love and affection, he also loved lounging in his baby pool. Wilbur would get so excited to see our staff that he would even wag his tail with happiness.

With time the marks on Wilbur’s back and neck healed, leaving just a scar to remind us to the rough start he once endured. Once he was fully healthy again, we had a farmer friend of the shelter who adopted Wilbur to keep another pig, also one of our alumni, company on his farm. Now, Wilbur is happy, healthy and free to roam in the fresh green grass in peace. He is loved and got a second chance thanks to supporters just like you.

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