Fostering Rehabilitation for Animals in Recovery

Providing a Safe Space for All Animals

Animals come to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton in several ways. The saddest of which are those that come through our Cruelty and Neglect Investigations Program. Whether it is an animal that is a victim of abuse or one that has been neglected, it is our responsibility to provide these animals with a safe space to heal.

A Safe Haven to Heal

Through our Caryl D. Philips Animal Rehabilitation Center, we give animals a safe place to escape and find a comfortable home for them to rehabilitate. Although our rehabilitation center is only for animals who are part of our Cruelty and Neglect Investigations Program, the public helps us with these animals by being their voices. Through your reports, you give our humane agents the opportunity to investigate and remove animals from harm so they can receive their second chance.

Be Their Voice

Have you witnessed cruel or neglectful cases against an animal in Montgomery County? If so, report it to our humane agents today. You are our eyes and ears, and with your support, we can help protect all animals from harmful situations.

Support to Make a Full Recovery

Animals who come into our facilities through our Cruelty and Neglect Investigations Program arrive with a full range of needs. From emergency medical care to extended rehabilitation, the cost to care for these cases can be extensive. To support their rehabilitation, consider donating to the Humane Society of Grater Dayton’s Rescue Fund. Through this fund, you support the medical care and treatment for these abused and neglect animals.