Help Your Young Reader Build Reading Confidence

The Book Buddies program offers a unique opportunity for young readers to boost their confidence while providing comfort and companionship to shelter dogs. Upon check-in, participants receive a welcome goodie bag filled with essentials for their session. Each child selects a book and is provided with a towel to sit on, ensuring a comfortable reading environment. With a parent present, children can read aloud to the dogs, fostering both literacy skills and socialization for the animals. Participants can either borrow a book from the program’s library or bring their own.


For each reader:

  • $5 – 30 minute session
  • $15 – 30 minute session + stuffed dog/cat and HSGD bandana (while supplies last)

What to Expect

  • When you arrive, please check in with the front desk. You will pay the $5 fee ($15 if you would like a stuffed animal) and sign a liability waiver.
  • From the Book Buddies shelf you will grab a towel to sit on, a book, and a name tag.
  • A parent or guardian is required to stay with their child while they read.
  • You can read choose to read either to a dog in our Dog Kennels or in our Open Cat Room. Look out for Book Buddy signs on animals who may enjoy being read to. You can also go around to the back of the building and sit outside the outdoor dog kennels if the weather is nice!
  • For the safety of the animal, please refrain from sticking any objects or fingers into the cages.
  • If a dog you are reading too starts barking or jumping up too much, please pick a different dog to read to as this one may have become overstimulated and needs some peace and quiet.
  • When your time slot is over, turn books and dirty towels in to our front desk team.